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Let our team provide you with the branding strategies and techniques to maximize your brand. 

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Here at The TARI Brand, we know each client is unique; that's why we create strategies tailored to each company's individual needs. Every business deserves and requires round-the-clock attention from industry experts to deliver content that will connect them to their audience — that's where we come in. Trust, we know there's no secret formula for success. Our main goal is to assist you in getting your brand exactly where you desire it to be — set apart from the rest.

Things change all the time, and your business strategies may be obsolete. When was the last time you researched your industry, the market, and/or your competitors? 

By examining where your brand is now, you can better position yourself to create a more profitable brand that accurately reflects your services, products, and vision. Our "Brand Strategy" service will assist you in revealing your brand's current state, who your target audience should be, what they're looking for, and examining your competitors' current action plan. This is a great starting point for established businesses; you'll better understand your audience, industry, and competitors. 


With a Brand Strategy, you'll gain:

Valuable insight into your brand's strengths/weaknesses 
Uncover growth opportunities 
Reveal your brand's current state within it's industry
Identify your target audience  
Discover the needs of your audience
Insight into your competitors

Your Brand Strategy will include:

Three 60-minute deep-dive consultations

Brand Individuality
Brand Preception
An external and internal brand review
Competitors Analysis
Brand process outline
and so much more...


When you invest in your business branding, you not only set yourself apart, but you give yourself leeway to outlast and outperform your competitors.

Consistency is key when developing your brand style. Why? Because it helps with brand recognition. Imagine if a company changed its colors and/or logo design; it would confuse its current audience and potential customers or just be bypassed altogether.  Our "Branding Style Guide" service is an essential set of standards that defines your company's branding. It references grammar, tone, logo usage, colors, visuals, word usage, point of view, etc. This can be a way to promote content authenticity by including guidelines for brand recognition, which is essential for building loyalty and trust among your consumers.

With your Brand Style, you'll gain:

Understanding of how you are perceived by consumers
How to build, grow and maintain brand recognition

Developing a voice that is authentic to you and your brand
Ensure your content aligns with your vision/mission
Establish design elements for your business

Your Brand Style will include:

Two 45-minute deep-dive consultations

Visual elements
Ideal consumer identity
Your brand's personal style
Mission/vision clarity 
Color Analysis
and so much more...


We design engaging experiences that drive growth and bring your company closer to your audience.

Our "Brand Bluprint" service is the foundation you'll need to build your solopreneur business, non-profit organization, and/or personal brand, from your business name to your logo. We'll work with you to uncover your story - what makes you unique, research your business and industry, and analyze your competition and target audience. Then, we'll propose a strategy to get you started with your branding process and turn it into something that will create a memorable experience for your customers.


With the Brand Bluprint, you'll be able to:

Define your niche

Discover your voice and style

Develop a personal action plan for your brand

Your Brand Bluprint includes:

Two 60-minute deep-dive consultations

Business backstory

Busines identification

Target Market Structure

A lean marketing plan

Service structure

Brand visuals and concepts

and so much more...

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